Ambulance Visit

22nd March 2019

Colin the paramedic called in to visit us and tell us about his job.  He drives an ambulance which holds lots of different pieces of equipment.  He must respond to emergencies - if someone has fallen and broken a bone, if there has been an accident or if someone is very unwell and has to get help fast.   Within the ambulance there are lots of cupboards that holds the equipment he may need - blankets to keep us warm, bandages to treat breaks or cuts and strong medicines to help if we are in a lot of pain.  He had specialist equipment to hold our legs in place if it was suspected we had broken a bone until we could get to the hospital for an x-ray.  Also a special machine to monitor our heart beat.  We looked inside the ambulance and listed to the sirens.  Our homework is to learn our address so if we need to contact 999 we can tell the operator where will live!