Friday 27th March

Good morning we are going to start with some exercise so you can work out with Joe at 9, do some dancing or select one of the 5 minute workouts.

As it is Friday you can draw a picture in your Friday book - you could draw around your hands and tell your family how you wash them and maybe look at the hand washing songs in the NEWS & GALLERY section. Over the top of your hands you could add a rainbow.

Then you could have free play to build a model, paint or play with your small world characters.

Why not check in on the animals in the zoo in the Let’s Explore section which has links to Dublin and Edinburgh zoos.

After lunch you could put a few chairs together to make a bus or a plane - can you decided where to go, who will be the driver first and can you sing the wheels on the bus.  Reflect on day trips you have had and look back at your photos.  What is your favourite memory?